General terms and conditions

1. Each reservation implies that the customer accepts our general terms and conditions.
2. All changes to the arrangement should be passed on to Ceremonies Prestige no later than 7 days before the event.
3. Any change to the arrangement may result in an extra rental charge.
4. Ceremonies Prestige is not responsible for any mistakes made in receiving instructions from the customer.
5. For the reservation of one or more vehicles, the customer pays a deposit of 50% on each vehicle.
6. Whilst no deposit is paid, the reservation for the requested car(s) is not confirmed by Ceremonies Prestige.
7. The deposit can be paid to the account number 001-2997358-37 before the service is due to start. Any payment failure will result in an interest charge of 1% monthly of the total amount on top of a forfeit fee of 20% of the total amount with a minimum amount of 50,00 €.
8. Annulation cost: up until 3 months before the event: 25%, 2 months: 50%, 1 month: 75%, less than 1 month: 100%.
9. Ceremonies Prestige is not responsible for any mistakes caused by subcontractors.
10. Ceremonies Prestige reserves the right, in the event of technical problems with a vehicle, to provide a different vehicle or different type of vehicle at the nominal price of the replacement vehicle.
11. The regular rental price for a vehicle with driver always consists of a 3 hours service.
12. It is prohibited to throw or hold items out of the window whilst the vehicle is driving.
13. The customer should always be aware of possible extra charges due to extra kilometres or hours.
14. The customer should always use caution when leaving personal belongings in the rental vehicle(s), as Ceremonies Prestige will and cannot be held responsible for the disappearance of personal belongings whilst left unattended in the vehicle(s).
15. A minimal distance of 5 meters should be respected behind the ceremony vehicle and it is prohibited to pass the vehicle on both the right and the left during the wedding procession. Should this happen, Ceremonies Prestige reserves the right to immediately stop the service. In the event of damages caused by the customer(s) or his entourage, the customer(s) will always be held responsible.
16. The car park of Ceremonies Prestige will only be used for all sorts of ceremonies and will never be put to use for games, competitions, rally’s, etc. In case of improper use Ceremonies Prestige reserves the right to stop the service and the customer will not be entitled to any compensation.
17. All vehicles or no smoking and in the event that drugs are used on board, Ceremonies Prestige will immediately stop the service.
18. Complaints or only valid in the form of a signed letter. Complaints not submitted within 8 calendar days of the service will not be valid.
19. Any legal differences can only be settled in the Courts located in Brussels.